Have you ever tried planning to paint something and when the time has come to start the painting job, you did not get the right painting equipment to use?  It is really frustrating to experience this kind of situation.

Spray painting, unlike the past generations, are now easier to handle and more effortless to the user.  With the development of more advanced spray system, the work is easier to do and more effective by nature.  You won’t need anymore those traditional painting tool, instead, all you need is a new painting system. Now let me bring you to one of the most advance technology in painting.

The Preval Spraying

Preval Spray is a spray system which is capable of mixing different kind of paint, chemical or solution. It is possible thru its patented venture vacuum process.  It involves drawing the medium from the attached reservoir, which will result to a professional grade finished.

What are the advantages of preval sprayer, than standard aerosol paint can?

  1. You can fill up the reservoir with the amount of paint you wish to use.
  2. You can also ad hardeners, catalyst and create 2 components paint.

Is preval sprayer costly than the aerosol paint?

Preval sprayer maybe a little bit costly compared to an aerosol cans, but, it is worth the cost. The price is justified by its functionality.  It has a bigger content and the sprayer can be use several times.

Are they available anywhere?

Yes, these sprayers are available in every major retailer in Australia and New Zealand areas.  In every super store, they are most displayed in the paint section.  Since this product is of good quality, they can be found anywhere in the area.

What can a preval sprayer paint?

Preval sprayer, with its flexibility, many people are using to paint their house, rooms, living rooms and many more parts of the house.  It can be also use to replace a professional painting system, to vehicles, helicopters and any fishing vessels.  You can also, this painter has a lot of uses and that is the reason, many are using it.

What is the process in preval spraying?

  1. Paint and any liquid are pulled from a removable container thru its venturri vacuum process.
  2. The power unit, separately contend, gives pressure to pull up the liquid or paint from the removable container.
  3. A tube connects from the container to the power unit, pulling up all the liquids that you are using to paint the object.

What are the advantages of using the preval system.

  1. Its versatility to use. You can do all types of painting here, using different kinds of liquids.
  2. It produces professional looking jobs, because of its precision capability.
  3. Can accommodate larger amount of liquid or paint.
  4. Its atomizers are disposable and replaceable.
  5. Only 1 sprayer for multiple use
  6. Its portability and very lightweight
  7. No need of compressors, hoses and power chords
  8. No clean-up and save money compared to professional sprayers
  9. Cheaper than commercial sprayers

This system now is being used in many industries, delivering fine touch up results to many projects.  It is a favorite tool among small industries for small projects, because of its versatility, flexibility and cost efficiency.