Do you have a limited budget but still need to redesign your bathroom? If yes, then you are not alone, there are many people who have the same plan in mind. However, this plan could work great when you follow a few tips which let you save your money and get the job done within your available budget.

Don’t change plumbing

Normally, when homeowners do bathroom remodeling they tend to change the location of their toilets and vanity cabinet. This kind of idea looks great in the start. But it requires a huge investment from your side. It means you need to hire a plumber and then to let him do his job for days. The best way to avoid this is to read best toilet reviews 2018 and find a toilet that matches to existing plumbing of your bathroom. In this way, you will be able to get a new product which can adjust easily to your new design without disturbing any sanitary pipe.

Get a Frame for Mirror

It is a fact that homeowners want to change a lot of things when it comes to bathroom remodeling. But one must try to remain objective and to do minor changes which can make a big difference. Instead of grabbing a new mirror set for your bathroom, you should frame your existing mirror. This frame will add artistic appeal to your mirror. In addition, it will hide any wear or tear at the side of the mirror very aesthetically.

Pick Vintage Vanity

Instead of shopping a bathroom vanity from a branded shop, you can cut cost by locating distressed or vanity cabinets in flea markets and pawn shops. These shops will charge you less money and give you a good item. You can paint the vanity or just set it as it is; either way, you will bring a positive change into your space.

Tile vs Panels

When it comes to bathroom walls, you don’t need to spend too much money on fancy tiles. You can think of some alternatives such as wood panels, beadboard, etc. The reason for picking these alternatives is to drop down the cost. In addition, you can skip installation cost by following DIY approach. Although these panels require constant maintenance, yet it adds a comfy chic vibe to your new bathroom.

Add open shelves

There is no need to hide soap, towels and other bathroom items inside the cabinets when they can add to the overall decor. Keep them on open shelves which make everything quite accessible. You can put some decor pieces on the shelves and thereby you can do the bathroom decoration at a cost you can afford.

Illuminate the space

Adding some lights into your bathroom won’t break the banks. There are many modern light fixtures which you can install next to your mirror or on the walls. When you get easy roof access then you should consider installing a budget-friendly skylight. Bringing light into your bathroom has become an important step of bathroom remodeling. So, you should pay attention to this element as well.

Do you have more budget-friendly bathroom redesign ideas? Feel free to share with us.