Spray painting is popular now a day’s, because of its mobility and flexibility by function.

Spray guns, gone are now the time when painters will need to have a paint brush and other painting equipments to do touch ups and retouch.  Spray painting is so powerful and it gives a fine finish if properly handled.  For small works on small surfaces, you don’t need to buy those gallons of paint and keep the extra paints in the storage.

What is a spray gun?

Spray guns are devices that look like a gun and are being use to spray liquids or paint, to any surfaces.  It offers versatility and flexibility in finishing the job.  It is now a popular tool for commercial and home use.  It gives every home owner to practice “do it yourself” works at home.  With its simplicity in its function, it produces a fine result.

Directions in using the spray gun

  1. Filling up. Strain the paint using the strainer. Fill up the product container with the paint ,until the desired level is obtained. Do not over fill the container.  Do not fill up beyond the line. Screw back the safety cap and shake the container before attaching back to the container.
  2. Attaching back. After securing the dip tube, remove the filter at the bottom of the tube, for thick and latex paints. Attach back the power unit and the container to the coupler Once all are attached properly, don’t shake the sprayer anymore.
  3. Spraying the object. You can now start spraying in motion and release the button, while the spray is running and follow all the instructions in the manual, to obtain best results.

Using a spray gun is fun and a game changer.  It gives value to you, as it makes your work easier to do and the result is amazing, just like a pro. Every work and equipment has a downside.  Nothing is perfect in this world.  So, to be able to cope up with any problem regarding your spray gun, we are writing below some trouble shooting for you to study.

  1. Clog up. It is done by removing the power unit from the container and removing the strainer from the dip tube. Holding a rag over the red insert and pushing the button for seconds, you will observe bubbles coming out, evident of clog push out from the unit. You can use water or solvent to clean the unit.
  2. If the unit cools out, because of successive usage, it will decrease in its power. To be able to achieve good result or better performance, use the spray gun in room temperature. If it does not work yet, wrap it with warn towel, until it reaches room temperature.
  3. Remove the power unit immediately until used. Clean the power unit and the container.
  4. Run’s is a result of spraying too near the surface or so slow, across the surface.
  5. Not so smooth result. The spray is too far from the surface or you are spraying so fast across the surface.